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About Me

I began studying magic while I was a quiet, awkward, nerdy kid in high school. Because I had so much free time, I began to master my hobby of simple close up tricks. A hobby evolved into an obsession, so I could never leave the house without a trick up both sleeves. I wanted to share my passion for magic with everyone I came in contact with, so I mastered my craft and shared it whenever I could. My magic worked on my own personality; causing my former introversion to disappear. As I became more and more outgoing, interactive, and skillful, I found myself on stages in front of hundreds of people.  Since then, I have appeared at numerous restaurants, churches, colleges, weddings, parties, and even a guest entertainer for VIP suites at the Indianapolis 500. 


I spent the summers of 2017 and 2018 in Hancock New York as a magic counselor helping children and teenagers learn the art of magic at the world's second largest camp, French Woods Festival.  There, I taught all forms of magic from close up tricks with borrowed objects, to sawing people in half, or making them disappear (No, we cannot not make your spouse vanish forever). My trip changed me even more, creating a higher level of pursuit for what I love than I have ever had. Now, I hope to share what I have learned with people of all ages across the country.

I wish to make each event I perform special and memorable for every person in the audience. I don't want to simply "perform." I believe in creating an unforgettable experience. I hope that my mind blowing tricks,  sharp sense of humor, and fun personality will captivate you and show you a side to magic you have never encountered before. Whether you hire me for a large stage performance or a close up experience, you will definitely leave the show wishing for more.

- Caleb Hyatt

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