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As a performance art, magic has the unique ability to transcend all language and cultural barriers. That is why it is so highly sought after for both company and private party entertainment. Whether you are hosting a birthday, corporate party, fair, festival, wedding or anything in between, I have a magic program for you.



 Strolling magic creates a fun atmosphere and buzz at your event.  Caleb works his way from group to group or table to table,and performs modern pieces of close up magic and mentalism right before everyone's eyes. This is a wonderful icebreaker that stimulates conversation and ensures your guests are having a great time. The advantage of strolling magic is it can last all night. 



 Stage Shows are typically 30-60 minutes long and play to larger audiences up to 500 people.  A perfect combination of magic, mentalism and a splash of comedy. Stage shows are great ways to kick off or close out your night with a bang. These shows are the best way to incorporate your company message, or to introduce a new product or service to employee's or clients.

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