Caleb Flame.jpeg


"You just blew my mind..." 
                                 -Josh Dukelow, WHBY News
"That was...incredible"
  --Chukie Nwokorie, former Green Bay Packer
"One of the most accomplished and talented young magicians that I have ever           had the pleasure to know"
                          -Bill Hunter, "The Indy Magician"
"Caleb is an incredibly skilled magician and exceptionally fun! He's performed at a number of services and events and our kids were always at the edges of their seats the entire time! Caleb is a joy to work with and has a wonderful heart!"                                         -Josh Humpa, Children's Pastor at  Oak Creek Assembly of God

Every second of Caleb's performance had us mind blown. It was very entertaining, and our seniors were enjoying it so much. The performance went perfectly, and I loved how interacting Caleb was with his audience. If you have never seen a magician performance before, I would recommend Caleb to do your first show as he is very professional and energetic. You will not be disappointed.

-Devin X, Milwaukee Christian Center

Oh... my...God..!

-David Starr, #52 NASCAR Driver